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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Three Years Later!

Do you ever wonder when enough is enough? In the midst of our hectic lives, it's easy to just let some things slip. If doing voice-overs is not your full time career (at least not for now), it can be easy to lose your focus. At least I know I've suffered from this situation from time to time. It's perfectly ok to drift a bit, but it is critically important not to drift too far away and lose your focus.

I was recently hired by the company that trained me, to do a voice-over job. It was the first job they hired me for - - and I was trained almost 3 years ago! I could have easily given up on them a long time ago, but I made a point of staying in touch and sending them my updated demo cds. I friended them on Facebook, and mentioned them in my blog and on Twitter. I even did some volunteer voice-over work in their studio. I'm friends with the President of the company and speak with him on the phone from time to time - - but I'd never been hired by them.

About 4 months ago, I received a call from their Creative Director, letting me know that a client of theirs had chosen my voice for a project. She said she would call me in a week with the details. Our fourth child had just been born and things were a bit hectic (in a wonderful way), so I lost track of the fact that she never called me back. Four months went by without any contact until last week, when I finally got the call explaining that the client had delayed the project, but was now ready to move forward.

While I was in the studio, I was asked if I wanted to be interviewed for the company's online radio show. Of course I agreed! When asked by the interviewer what advice I would give anyone starting out in the voice-over business, I instantly said to be persistant, consistent, and passionate. It's worked for me and it's the best advice I can give anyone. Never give up and never think it's too late.

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