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Monday, August 27, 2012

Getting Paid To Narrate Audiobooks

Getting paid to talk in general is a pretty amazing - in my opinion.  I've been fortunate to have had the opportunity to find work in a variety of voice over roles.  The area that I've always had an interest in since I first thought about voice acting, however, has been audiobook narration. 

I really struggled with trying to figure how to break into this competitive field.  After years of banging my head against the wall, I came across a great site called

This site is a great resource for aspiring narrators.  You simply create a profile (for free!) and start auditioning.  It's really that simple.  Publishers listen to your auditions and decide if they want to hire you. 

Now, the one caveat is that you are responsible for fully producing a finished audiobook, so if you aren't adept at recording AND editing, be careful not to commit to something you can't complete.  Editing is not my strong suit, but I'm fortunate to have a good friend and business partner, Jason Noxon who is not only a gifted voice actor, but also a terrific audio engineer.  I couldn't have completed the two audiobooks we've recorded so far without his expertise.

If you need help producing the book, there are great resources on the site to link you up with studio professionals who can help you.  Just be aware that there's more...much more... to the process than just auditioning.

So go check out the site and start auditioning.  Let me know how you make out!

UPDATE:  My second audiobook is now available on, and itunes!!  Here's the link to the site.  Please check it out!
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Never Stop Learning and Sharing

     I'm always amazed how "subcultures" emerge revolving around such varied interests.  My sister is an avid knitter, and she recently showed me a podcast and blog that she follows regularly.  The woman who hosts is a living legend in the knitting subculture.

     She has thousands of followers, and knitters worldwide anxiously await her next post or podcast.  I've never heard of her because knitting isn't one of my interests, but I'm certain that in the knitting community, there are many blogs, forums, pod-casts, blog radio shows, and more, that are shared with knitters everywhere.

     If you are a voice actor, it is just as important to find and develop your own online community network, and always be on the lookout for great suggestions.  Being part of the voice over "subculture" not only involves gathering information, but also being willing to share as well.  The reason I started this blog is to do just that.  My recent post on the benefits of potato chips for improving vocal quality was the direct result of reading that suggestion on a voice over forum that I participate in.

      In keeping with this theme, I recently came upon a great post on Voice Over Audition Tips from the Voice Over Club.

     Their blog and forum both have tons of great advice for aspiring and veteran voice over artists.  This is just one example of sites you can find to help you along in your career, no matter where you are in your journey.

     Always be on the lookout for resources, and be sure to get involved and participate in sharing information.  Remember, the more you give, the more you get.

UPDATE:  My first audiobook narration is now available on,, and itunes!  Here's the link to the site.  The book is available this week for only $5.95 so please check it out.

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