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Friday, May 4, 2012

Entering The Audiobook World

Let's talk audiobooks. If you're a voice actor, you've probably aspired to recording audiobooks. I don't know many people who would say that they don't want to voice audiobooks. That being said, the world of audiobook recording is very different than any other area of voice-overs. I've had the opportunity to record quick radio commercials where you arrive at the studio and an hour later you're done. I've also worked on longer projects that required me to do several sessions, each lasting a few hours. This is the typical scenario for most voice-over jobs. You zip in - get the job done - and move on to the next project.

 Audiobooks, however, are a completely different animal. I would compare it to the difference between voicing the trailer to a movie and actually being a main character - if not the actual star - of the movie. In the first instance, you rehearse a few lines, and record the trailer - your work is done. In the second instance, you are on the set every day, prepared to deliver your lines and act your role, until the movie is a wrap. Recording audiobooks requires a great attention to detail and a desire to immerse yourself in the job for potentially a month or more of intensive recording. If this sounds like fun to you (like it does to me!) then audiobooks are definitely an area of voice-overs that you should work toward.

My current audiobook project should wrap up in about a month. It's been an amazing process to lay down the actual recording of over 300 pages! The preparation was intense, as I read through the entire manuscript and marked up the pages with notes for myself, to help when recording. The actual recording of each chapter took a lot of time and I drank a lot of tea with lemon and honey to make it through. Now, my editor will be working his magic, and we'll be reviewing every word to make sure it's ready to go
It's been a truly rewarding, collaborative effort - and a whole lot of fun!

If audiobooks are your passion, then go for it. You'll work harder than you ever have, but in the end, it will be worth it. After all, even though we're getting paid to talk, it never really feels like work. That's the best job of all!

Keep Talking!


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